Adjusting "A = 440"

• May 19, 2011 - 20:24

Is there any way to adjust the tuning of the playback function?

I tried playing along with a MuseScore playback, with the computer and MIDI keyboard not connected to each other.

Gack!!! Horrible -- they're not in tune with each other. There's no way to adjust this old time keyboard, so is there one for MuseScore playback? (If not, it might be worth doing -- you could make your own MMO's.)

Thanks --

-- J.S.


I have found that Musescore plays back 3.4 cents sharper than A44O, so Musescore playback will be out of tune with your keyboard. I have to test if this more than a problem with the instrument I use but It hink it might be. In which case Musescore is not suitable for playing along with.


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