Different time signatures lost when copy/past

• Apr 21, 2016 - 07:50

Good Morning,
Just to say I am using the latest version of musescore and I have two issues:
1) I am writing something which has several changes of time signature. When I copy and past part of the score I loose all the time signatures and the notes are placed as though the score was in one time signature only (i.e. in whatever time signature came first)
2)Everytime I close musecsore at the end of a session I get a message saying 'musescore.exe has stopped working'. Its not a problem since my work is always saved.
I would be interested in your comment, particularly on the first point.
Thank You,


Second problem - crash on exit - happens occasionally for some people on Linux and occasionally for others on Mac. These sporadic issues seem to be due to bugs in underlying code we don't have control over, although I don't fully understand what is actually going on. I don't think I've ever heard of anyone for whom this happens *always*, though. What OS are you on? Do you see that behavior even if you open MuseScore then immediately close it, for instance?

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Yes, I just tried it - opened musescore and immediately closed the programme and got the error message. one musescore stopped working.jpg two musescore stopped working.jpg
Here is the Windows message.
I have Windows 7 Ultimate
AMD Athlon II x2 245 Processor 2.90GHz
64 OS
Solid State Drives

As I say it actually has no impact on my work, its just odd. Also it didn't happen when I originally set up the system but I am not aware of any change I made that might have triggered it.

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