Remove cautionary time signature?

• May 25, 2011 - 15:29

Hello, is there any way to remove cautionary time signatures? For example, between movements, I wouldn't want a cautionary time signature from mvmt. 2 to appear at the end of mvmt. 1.


I have to add that I found the option in Style->Edit general style->Page->Create courtesy time signatures and it is somewhat helpful, but for a situation where I want to remove a specific cautionary it's not the right solution.

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I believe most people simply create a separate MuseScore file for each movement -- that is unless you want a subsequent movement to begin on the same page where the previous one ended.

If you do create a new file, starting with MuseScore 1.0 you can specify what page number you want the file to begin with (Layout/Page Settings/First page no.). So for example, if a movement ended with page 12 you would of course specify that the next begin with page 13.

Hope this helps.

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Multiple staves? I don't know what yu mean by that; 1.0 already allows as many staves as you wish. It's just mutliple *movements* of a piece - so there can be time signature change, redisplay of time signature if it doesn't change, etc - that isn't as well supported in 1.0.

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