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• May 4, 2016 - 17:19

I am writing a piece for SATB and piano, the first few bars are only piano and I want to hide the bars from the voices until they start. I tried editing the style, by ticking the "hide empty bars" box but then it hides ALL the empty bars in the score. I want to save space at the start of the score because in some pieces they are too long, and that's 2-3 pages lost for no reason, plus, it's not useful for the pianist. How can I hide only the first choral bars and save space?

Thank you


There's no such Thing as 'hide empty bars", do you mean "hide empts staves?
If so; this hides staves that are empty in a system, so won't do much in continuous view.
But even then it only shortens your score from 22 to 21 pages, so doesn't really buy much.

Using 'decrease stretch' can shrink it down to 16 pages.

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Empty bars - empty staves, same thing. My problem is, I want to hide the empty ones at the start to make it easier for the pianist, who in my case, won't have anyone to turn her pages. The rest I can decrease stretch and be cool with it. What I want to do is to have only the piano score on the first page.

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Very close to that. The problem is, it hides the empty staves, but once the voices start, I don't want it to. I want hidden only the first few bars where there are no voices and just piano. In the rest of the score I want both. I don't want the empty soprano bars to disappear and then reappear when they have notes. I want hidden only the first part where it's just the piano.

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No, an empty staff (UK) or stave (US) consists of one or more empty bars (UK) or measures (US).
But yes, you can switch on 'hide empty staves', just for this particulat score it doesn't buy you mich, it saves 1 of 22 page turns, no more. Reducing stretch saves 6 of these 22 page turns.
Using 'hide empty staves' on top, doesn't gain anything.

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