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• May 10, 2016 - 06:41


As you can see in the attachment (I'm not sure the file was uploaded) -
 נשימה 1.svg.png
While the breathing sign apears correctly on the first staff, it always apears after last note in the measure on the second staff. And I have to drag it manually to the right place.

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Jojo – Yes, it solved the problem !

However, Is it possible to fix this bug ?

Sorry for my misunderstanding.

Thanks you, ofra


More about breathing marks –
As you can see:
4 סימני נשימה.svg.png
a. The comma-like well placed, but the other 3 marks has fall down . . . .
b. I enlarged the breathing mark in the toolbar thru 'pallete cell properties', but
on the staff it comes in original size.
am i missing something ?

Thank you very much,

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When asking for help, please post the actual score you are having problems with, not just a picture of it.

In general, the markings you added *should* normally be displayed properly if you add them properly. Did you add them from the Articulation palette (which is the correct way if you want them positioned automatically), or the Symbols palette (which has no automatic positioning)?

As for the enlarging option in the palette, that is for the palettew itself. the size in your score is the standard size for the marking as defined by the music font you are using. If you don't like the default, consider switching to a different music font in Style / General.

I dragged the 3 breath marks from the master palette (in fact – from the symbols) into "breath and pause" pallete in the toolbar.
I want to use another mark instead the comma-like.
Maybe it's wrong way.
Thanks, Ofra

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