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• Mar 4, 2009 - 16:27

Hi guys.
I have problem with tie in the chords or "two notes playing at the same time" (i have no idea how it is in english :)). When I'm trying to tie each note separatly I'm getting something like this (pic attached). 1st note after tie is disappearing, and the 2nd is staying. Do i doing something wrong? Sorry for my bad English.
Thx for help in adv.

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I wasn't getting exactly the same results as you but I did have trouble adding ties to chords in version 0.9.4.

As a workaround add both chords to the score, leave note entry ("N"), and then add the ties.

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I'm having a problem in 0.9.5 with tying chords that I did NOT have in 0.9.4:

In 0.9.5, if I tie a chord to another chord, MuseScore "re-triggers" the notes that aren't tied together. In 0.9.4 (and with written music), you only have to draw one tie line to indicate that the entire chord should be tied. In MuseScore 0.9.5, I have to draw tie lines between each individual note in the chord to get it to sound correct. So, a 3-note chord requires 3 tie lines for MuseScore to sound it correctly.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a workaround?

Edit: I've attached an illustration of what I'm talking about.

Edit 2: After looking into it more, I've noticed that some music ties all notes in a chord together, and some doesn't.. But apparently, it's not wrong to tie individual notes. If anybody knows more about this, I'd like to hear it--I'm a self-taught musician, so I'm going based on what I've seen in sheet music.

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I get the same problem as you do. What happens is, I tie a chord to another chord, but it only ties together the individual notes I tied. While if I only wanted to print out, this would be no problem, I also want to hear it to check it, so it's annoying if it plays out the notes that I DIDN'T tied. This is some kind of bug that should be fixed.

In a related sense, it would be awesome if there could be a way to tie every note from a chord at once, instead of having to get to each individual note head. I've been inputting a lot of piano music, where I was frequently having to choose all 3 or 4 notes and tie them each. So... additional feature request :)

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