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I know I have asked this before, but with the latest version (2.0.3) I was wondering if there is a way to change the font size for the UI. I find it too small for me. I know I can change my system font, but all my other stuff is fine. It seems that MuseScore uses a smaller font than the system. Most of my other software have preferences areas where I can change the font itself, style, size, etc.


P.S. in MuseScore 1 There was a box to select Application Font (Font name, size etc.) in the Edit>Preferences>General tab, but now that box is not there. It was such a nice feature, and I wonder why it was removed, and why it can't be put back.

What OS, what resolution is your monitor, and what partsa of the UI specifically are you finding too small? MuseScore *should* use the system default font for application text (eg, menus. dialog boxes, the Inspector, etc) and does for me on both Windows and Ubuntu. For icons and palette entries, MuseScore tries to deternine your monitor resolution in DPI so it can size things appropriately, but in some rare unusual situations (eg, multiple monitors and MuseScore opens on the second monitor, or using a TV as a monitor) it can get this calculation, so perhaps that is what you are seeing?

Anyhow, give us more information about your setup and what specifically is not looking the way you want (a screenshot might help), and we can advise further.

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Mark, thanks for your reply. My screen resolution is 1680 x 1050 with a DPI of 96 x 96 per sq. inch.
The problem areas of the MuseScore UI are the menus across the top as well as the pull down menus and palettes menu at the right side. The icons are fine.

But here's the thing, I really don't want to change my display settings just to accommodate one program, and then have to change it all again when I done using MuseScore. So my real question is why was the option for "Application Font", which was present in version 1 (Edit>Preferences>General>"Application Font") taken out? It was the perfect solution and allowed customization of the UI. Just click it and all your fonts showed up along with font sizes, and voila, the UI was the way you wanted. Could it be restored in a new build?

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Again, MuseScore uses the system font settings, so you shouldn't need to change anything just for the sake of MuseScore. MuseScore's menus and other text should be the exact same size as all other applications on your system, assuming they are also honoring the system setting as they should. And it's not standard for applications to disobey that setting - indeed, it kind of defeats the whole point of there being a system-wide setting. Surely, if you want extra-large menus in MuseScore, you would also want them in all other programs. So the universal standard here is, programs are supposed to obey the system setting, so that if you like extra large menus, you can get them across the board by changing only that one system setting rather than needing to change it in each and every application (and hope that each priogrma even provides such an option or that you can find it). It was wrong for MuseScore to ignore the system setting before in 1,x, but this bug has been fixed - we now do what all programs are supposed to do and obey the system setting - which is again exactly why that setting exists.

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Thanks Mark. I certainly don't mean to disrespect you or such, but it just isn't that way on my system (Windows 7 Home Premium). The font in the MuseScore menus is smaller than in all my other applications, and I would want to still have that font size option as it was available in the older version. But thanks for taking the time to reply. I love the program, and if I find a work-around, I will be in touch. Thanks again.

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Whatever it is you think is the wrong size. I was assuming you meant the basic menus like "File", "Help", etc. You seemed to be claiming they were a different size than other programs. I'd need to see a screenshot showing the same menus (virtually all programs have File and Help menus) in MuseScore as well as a different program to understand what you are seeing.

Sorry to hear of your illness, btw. Hope you're doing better!

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Please forgive me that I excavate this old thread, but it most closely approaches my current font rendering problems with MS3 (presently 3.4.1).

My setup: Notebook screen (Lenovo T470) with a side-by-side 2nd screen (24") on the right in portrait mode. OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. The screen geometries reported by xrandr output (attached) are correct.

When I start MS, and it is displayed on the T470 screen first, the menu entry sizes appear correct and corresponding to the sizes of other applications (see LargeFont.png below). When I move the window by grabbing it with the mouse on its header line and shove it to the 2nd screen, these menu entry sizes change abruptly to quite smaller ones as soon as the MS window occupies a significant part on the 2nd screen (see SmallFont.png). I am not aware of any other application that behaves like this.

The screenshots define a shooting rectangle spread over parts of both screens. To discriminate which part is on which screen, I set the MS window background to partially translucent and positioned a terminal window in the back that has its right margin on the right border of the left (T470) screen. Taking that as a kind of ruler it appears that the font size jump occurs quite near the point where (more than) half of the MS window is lying on the right-hand portrait screen. (Mouse pointer position itself, while shoving, does not seem to have any effect.)

Starting MS by a menu entry immediately on the right (portrait) screen does not change anything with respect to the reported font rendering.

Invoking MS from a command line and adding (e.g.) "-x 1.33" as a starting parameter changes the graphical elements as anticipated, but not the fonts. Setting the font size in the settings from 12pt to 16pt (in agreement with the graphical scaling) lets the menu size entries approach the sizes of the original ones without changes on the T470 screen.

I hope this detailed description helps you tracing this peculiarity!

Cheers and thanks for this great program,


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