Courtesy accidentals crashing Musescore

• Jun 20, 2016 - 20:50

Hi guys

I'm trying to use the courtesy accidentals plug-in, and use the option to put the accidental in parentheses.

If I just add courtesy accidentals, that works.

But if I go to configure courtesy accidentals, and tick the box to put them in parentheses, I get the message "Musescore has stopped working, Windows will close the program, etc."

I'm using 2.0.3, Revision 3c7a69d with Windows 10.

Advice appreciated.


Hi there,

Any response to my question would be really appreciated, as I'd really like to have my courtesy accidentals in parentheses.


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Be aware that standard rules of notation call for courtesy accidentals *not* to be placed in parentheses except in special circumstances. So you!re better off not having them added automatically, and instead adding them yourself in those special places where the rules of notation do call for them. You can add them yourself using the Accidentals palette. This of course works even if for never reason you choose to add them everywhere.

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