Visual interface of MuseScore

• Jun 21, 2016 - 19:14
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I understand that you are keeping the theme regardless of the user customisations for having the same UI in all the systems and making the development easier. But why is the theme of MuseScore so ugly and outdated? Why don't you use a more modern look and feel, like the KDE Breeze Theme? I think you should reconsider this to the next versions of MuseScore.



I definitely disagree with "ugly and outdated." I'm guessing that your system uses Breeze, and you just want MuseScore to match? That's great, but then for me it would be way uglier because it would fit in worse with Aqua.

That said, if you can adapt MuseScore to add the Breeze theme as a third alternative to the current two, your contribution would probably be welcomed.

We are welcoming anyone who wants to help us improve the design for MuseScore 3. We made a huge step forward from MuseScore version 1 to 2 with the help of tinman, and we are looking forward to make a similar step forward for MuseScore 3. But we need help from a passionate user with design and development skills.

I agree with Zack; there is nothing 'ugly and outdated' about the present graphic UI. Such descriptives only have meaning in reference to the user's personal taste and what he's used to seeing. I still run my OS (Win7) in 'Classic' mode, because that's what I got used to with my first computer (running XP), and I see no reason to learn a new graphic interface solely to justify Microsoft's fashion designers' paychecks.

The changes in the graphic user interface between 1.x and 2.x are not radical; they are just enough to clean up the look without confusing the user with fancy graphic elements that have to be learned all over again. The most basic lesson any graphic designer needs to learn is to not complicate the design just to prove that he can. In things like this, "Less Is More" is the rule that should be followed. Complexity and fancifying should never be the motivating forces.

Certainly there are specific points where the GUI of MuseScore could be improved for clarity and functionality, but there is no reason to redesign the whole thing just to keep up with 'fashion trends'.