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• Jun 23, 2016 - 01:03

Hello everyone:

Do any of you know how to insert an image on a score UNDER the text (as a background)? Because the default settings insert every image over the text and therefore covering it partially or entirely, and I don't find any options to change this property. Not as a canvas background in the Preferences -because it would set the picture on every page- but in a specific place at a specific page.

Also, I read once in the handbook -or in the forums, i can't recall- that it was possible to insert images not only in a staff but also in frames -as the title frame-; to this day I haven't find the way to do this, so basically I've placed it on a measure of a staff and then moved it near the frame.

In summary, image insertion in MuseScore still being quite confusing to me.


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I am trying to do something similar: I have a little clipart of a house outline that I want to have appear on top of the staff (so you can still see the staff as well). I didn't quite understand this second suggestion. Is there a way to do this? In Microsoft word you can select for images to appear 'in front of text' or 'behind text' so that the text shows through any white or unfilled part of the clipart.

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