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• Jun 23, 2016 - 12:55

Would it be at all possible to add a feature for playback of microtone/quartertone notation? I presume doing so would not be too tricky difficult to implement?


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I downloaded the plugin, in the example score the music is played correctly -we hear the quarter ton - but the plugin itself don't work at all.

I downloaded it and installed it in the "/home/..../MuseScore2/Plugins/QuarterTonePlayback" folder. When I open the example score or any other score and try to activate the plugin then click on "ok" the software crashes.

Impossible to use (I use Mint Cinnamon 18 Sarah).

Can anyone help ?

Thank you.

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I found the solution to the problem.

First unzip the package containing the plugin folder "QuarterTonePlayback" and move it here :


Second, execute Musescore, and open the plugin manager. You will find three plugins :

Select only the first one (selecting one of these latter will make Musescore crash).

The plugin works.

Et voila.

Nota Bene 1 : Sincere thanks to the programmer who wrote this plugin.
Nota Bene 2 : Seems that there is still one issue or two beside the mentioned above discussed here : https://musescore.org/en/node/53951

How about support for the 19-tone and 31-tone equal temperaments? Notation is similar to 12 tones; for 19 tones, e.g. C-sharp and D-flat are different pitches, also E-sharp and F-flat are a separate pitch between E and F. For 31 tones, double accidentals are also distinct pitches. (See the 1932 book by Joseph Yasser, "A Theory of Evolving Tonality" for more on 19 tones.)

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This is an interesting idea and I agree entirely that it would be a great feature, but as there are so many different temperaments the most comprehensive system would be one with a choice of various different temperaments AND a means of creating your own. I imagine it would be a simple matter of dividing the octave into a user-chosen number of parts (dividing the semitone into 100 cents would probably correspond with most if not all of historical western temperaments) then choosing which notes within the octave should be adjusted and by how many parts. Then a library of different known temperaments could be compiled. You'd probably also need a marker in the score to account for modulations, where the whole temperament would then be transposed. Amongst other things this would solve the age old problem of having to re-tune keyboard instruments when changing keys !

I know the point of Musescore is not the playback, but it would still be a very useful tool for composers and even for performers who want to train themselves to sing or play in different temperaments.

Hi, I just installed the plugin but I don't know which symbol for half-sharp to use for the microtone to actually play. The plugin says it works with SHARP_SLASH but I don't know which variant is the right one; since when I use one, the pitch doesn't change.

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