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• Jun 23, 2016 - 21:48

I would like to include additional information in the copyright section. I was wondering if there is a way I can add a second line of text below in the copyright field in "score properties."



Click on Style>General>Headers, Footers, Numbers and you will get a dialogue containing six fields which you can fill in as you wish. The copyright line that you create in the New Score Wizard is by default placed in the center field of the footers; if you want to add a second (or third, or fourth...) line of text to that information, place the cursor right after the $:copyright: and hit a return, then type in the text you want. It will appear centered under the initial copyright text you entered during score creation.

If you want to modify the original copyright information you entered in the New Score Wizard, click File>Info and modify it there. Or just erase the $:copyright: tag in the Headers, Footers, Numbers dialogue, and type in what you want in plain text.

Text material in those fields can be formatted with 'html-like' tags, although this is accidental and not currently supported. The tags have to be all lower case, and a closing slash has to be placed at the end of each element of the code group. Like this (but without the spaces, which I had to put in to prevent the website from reading the tags as code):

< font face="book antiqua"/> < font size="12"/>< b>Suite des eaux (Richards)

It's weird, but it works...most of the time.

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Thanks for your help!
Now the only problem is that I want the copyright on the first page ONLY I did put the "$C" in the field and it worked until I entered the extra text like you said... not that second line of text is on all the odd-numbered pages. How can fix this?

Thanks again,

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Sorry, but I don't know of a way to do that. You can't put a line break in the "Info" or "Score Properties" dialogue fields, and only using the $C tag can you restrict the field content to the first page only.

For what it's worth, it's not a bad thing to have the copyright information (and any second line text you might want such as "All Rights Reserved", "Published by xxx", "Printed in xxx") on every page. That makes it a bit more work for people who would steal your work with a scanner or photo-copier to 'file off the serial numbers'....

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Ahhhh! Sorry, Jojo; your original post has a typo in it which confused me (and probably the OP as well). You wrote 'copy/place' instead of 'copy/paste'.

Yes, creating a multi-line block of text, copying it, and then pasting it into the Score Properties (Info) dialogue field for Copyright, does indeed do the trick.

To the OP: Create the double-line text that you want using the Staff Text (CTL+T) feature; format it as you want it to appear using a Right Click>Staff Text Properties; then type CTL+A to select all of the text. Copy that to the clipboard (CTL+C).

Now click File>Staff Properties and paste that text from the clipboard into the Copyright field in the dialogue window. Click OK.

If you want that block of text to appear only on the first page, Click Style>General>Headers, Footers, Numbers and replace $:copyright: with $C.

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