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• Jul 17, 2016 - 05:19
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I cannot read icons for note and all the stuff to create a score on the latest version 2.03 Screenshot 2016-07-17 14.15.47.png . Too small and fuzzy even with glasses on. I am using Mac mini with El Capitan. This happens even on the first set up too icons for keys and cleffs are a struggle to read

GIT commit: 3c7a69d

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Could you share more info about your monitor setup? One/two screens, attached over HDMI/DisplayPort/…? Their resolution?

You can try running musescore with the "-x 2" command line argument to double all of those items in size; looking at the current size you might even want to start at "-x 3" or "-x 4" to make them even bigger.

And for future reference, please note that the 'Assigned' field is meant for the person who'll be coding a solution, not the person reporting an issue.

Status (old) active duplicate

I'm guessing our posts crossed so the change in status was not intended, but anyhow please leave this as duplicate. Best to continue the discussion in the other issue.

I am using two screens and did think of resolutions of displays so I tried changing to all the options. one screen is 30 inch Sony TV (Resolution is 1360 X 768) the other is 21 inch Samsung (Resolution is 1600 X 900)
I have tried going back to version 2.02 and this issue has gone and can now read the icons that are needed to work with.

I even tried the zoom feature on Mac mini which didn't work.

This issue appears to me with the drop down boxes when clicked on they aren't expanding correctly