setting PDF export resolution does not change anything on MAC

• Jul 17, 2016 - 17:53

When I change the PDF resolution the output remains the same, the same file size. Even if I save the file after the change. How to get a higher resolution PDF output, standard seems to be 300 DPI.


As MuseScore exports vector PDFs, where the "resolution" is infinite, I can only guess that this setting has something to do with images that are in the score. Could you attach an example MSCZ file to test with?

I would assume the setting applies to PDF export made by MuseScore, not PDF export created by any third party software (I understand Mac includes some sort of print-to-PDF facility that would presumably have its own resolution setting).

That said, I'm also not sure what this affects exactly. Most things in MuseScore are drawn using characters from a font. I guess the staff lines themselves and certain things like hairpins might be affected by the resolution setting. But I could easily believe this would have a negligible impact on file size. Is there something else causing you to believe you are getting less resolution than you think you should?

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