Single bar changes place when switching from page to continuous view

• Jul 18, 2016 - 01:48
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Sometimens, when the last system has only one bar, the simple change from page view to continuous view, although no edition has been made, will automatically move the last bar to the previous system.
In the example attached, the simple change from page to continuous view, although no edit being made, will move the last bar (page 12) to the previous system (page 11). No change in the score should be done if the user is just permutating the way the score is displayed.



There is nothing attached?

I personally agree that changing views shouldn't mess with the score, but currently, I think the score is being changed while switching views.

I agree that viewing is not the same of editing. Messing the score will result in diagramation issues that will needed to be reviewed (i.e., texts position, notation marks, etc.).
Trying to attach the score again.

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Indeed, it happens with that score. I wonder how often this happens.

I guess that there is a little problem in the calculation of the size of the bars in the last system of page 11. All bars are sized automatically in that score (there is no custom sized bar). In spite of that, the last bar (number 38) is put in a new system (page 12). There is no need for that, because it could be fit perfectly in the previous system, which finally comes to happen when changing the view from page to continuous and coming back to page view.
To improve our experience, I have added some more bars and notes to the score. Now, I could see that not only the bar that used to be the last and solitary one (number 38), but also the one next to it (number 39), are both moved to the previous system. Musescore gets so confused in calculating the correct place of the bars and systems that it misplaces the instrument name ("Perc. IV", short for "Percussion IV") in last system (page 12), which has the word "Perc." almost out of the page.
Unfortunatelly, I can not send this version attached because, as I saved the file and opened it again, Musescore moved the two problematic bars (38 and 39) to the first system on page 12. Problem solved? No, not yet. As Musescore moves bars 38 and 39 back again to page 12, it gets totally crazy and misplaces the "crescendo" (<) and "decrescendo" (>) lines through all page 11. Compare bars 29 to 33 (page 11) of this version attached to the same bars of the first version to see how drunk-crazy it gets...
Sorry for this ammount of text... I am preparing this very piece for a competition, and I am trying to do it as perfect as I can.

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For a matter of comparison: I have finished the score and have put all the lines back in the correct place, then I generated the PDF. It is attached. Also, to ensure that all the bars are placed in the correct system, I have put a system break after all systems from page 10 to the end. This would change nothing, but would ensure that MuseScore will not mess them up any more. After closing the file, a new reopen will get all the bars out of place, from page 11 to the end, and all the lines crazy floating over the blank margins of the page. Take a look in the attached files...

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