Writing a few verses beneath the score.

• Jul 20, 2016 - 11:10

There's so much detailed help about Musescore on the web I exhaust myself reading it all... and still don't get the answer I want...


I write 32 bars of simple melody and input the first verse and chorus right there in the score, with the notes.

Now I want to write, text only, four or more further verses below the score and can't find how to do it.

Can someone help, please?


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thank you for your suggestion.

but i think i've been there and done that. i have been to the text frame link and it just had me put a text box before a measure, right there in the score or amongst the staves, however i should say it.

it says it is done from the add menu but that doesn't list anything that does what i want.

there is a link to be found on that page regarding how to add a block of text to a score which sounds exactly like what i want - but it says it is for musescore 1 and not applicable to musescore 2, which is what i have.

so, yes, that's what i was saying - i've read so much but still not got there.

after reading your post i went back and checked again but with the same result.

what have i missed or misunderstood?

p.s. Perhaps I should state that I simply want a printable document. It doesn't have to be intelligible to MuseScore for editing or midi playback - a simple printable doc is all I want.

I don't expect Musescore to understand a score with multiple titles, key sigs, tempos and whatever. I don't need any such capabilities.

Perhaps there's an easy way to achieve it via Word and cut and paste or whatever. I will look into that. A quick look and I see MuseScore seems to be capable of export to .pdf. I guess maybe I can cut and paste between .pdf docs.

The way to get this is:
- Append a vertical frame to the score
- Right click the frame - Add - Text
- Write the first stanza
- Adjust the horizontal position of the text block in inspector
- continue adding further text blocks

I hope you can unterstand my simple description.

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