How Put Two Songs On One Page?

• Jul 21, 2016 - 03:37

I have a number of Musescore files each with its own song.

Very small pentatonic folk songs - sometimes only 10 bars, even less.

It would be good, for the sake of printouts, if I could put two or more on one page.

Note this is not writing two or more on one page. They are written. It is joining the second and later onto the bottom of the previous.

Printability is the thing. Editability is not required.

I find I cannot copy and paste except onto the same thing. i.e. paste a bar onto a bar, a title onto a title. I cannot paste a copy of one score onto the bottom of an existing one.


See the Handbook under "Albums" it does just what you need.

But FWIW, you *can* do this by copy and paste, sort of. Simply create a blank with enough measures for all the scores, then copy and paste the contents of each score one at a time. but this will copy only the things that can be copied that way - notes, rest, text, some symbols. It won't copy things like repeat barlines, time signatures, crescendos, etc. So definitely the album feature is the way to go.

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Ah, yes. It looks wonderful, just what I want. What a programme this Musescore is. How many millions of hours of thought and coding must have gone into it boggles the mind.

That copy and paste is only good for copying actual score, minus titles and blank space, I'd think, right? This album thing is what I want.

Thanks for the lead.


aahhh, wait a minute.. I can't see the album unless I print. My printer not working today. But it looks like just a batch printing job. Perhaps even one page per score or new page each score.

Either way not quite what I want. I want to be able to place the scores on the page or have them placed for me one after another as close as sensible. i.e. not the title of a score at the bottom of one page and the score on the next.

This facility seems to offer no control at all.

Join scores seems better but it is no good because of the requirement for them all to be of the same number of parts, staves, instruments. Parts and instruments is okay for my purposes but staves is not.

I just need an export from MuseScore, I think, as .jpg or similar, .png or whatever. And then I can paste them into Word or something. That's all I need. Maybe if I take screen grabs of the Musescore scores and play with them. That might do it...

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For printing purposes, your best bet would be exporting to PDF and then using a full-featured PDF editor to assemble the pages the way you want them.

If that won't work for you, you'll have to do the copy/paste thing as Marc described, insert song titles using text frames, and adjust the page make-up manually.

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Well, since Join Scores produces one single score, they do have to be compatible. Most cases where people would be doing this they would be. But if you have some case where they are not, you could just add empty staves to the scores that need it, then use "Hide empty staves" on the joined score.

You can export to PDF (File / Export), but you'll probably find issues with pagination - page breaks might need to occur in different places for the combined score versus the originals. If they are all short, then maybe you mind forcing them all to not have page breaks in them - ie, combine several onto one page but not let any signle score span pages.

Also, you can use the Image Capture mode (see the camera icon at far right of main toolbar) to export a PNG or SVG of selected regions of your score. This would allow you to export each line of music individually, giving you more freedom in pasting it up later in Word or whatever.

You can also look at the MuseScore Example Manager extension for LibreOffice, which is intended to automate some of the work involved in creating and maintaining documents that incldues many short musical examples. May or may not be helpful in your case.

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Yes, I'll just do the best I can.

The query was to see if there was that facility and apparently there is not.

Searching for answers I found a number of queries virtually identical with mine all of which eventually died out without a real solution.

Sometimes it seems to me too much is made of the question. That's why I reiterated that I only wanted a print out and didn't need the editing capabilities of MuseScore.

It seemed to me possible that it would be easier for the programmers to devise a way to put two scores (or more) on a page as merely two images than as two 'working' MuseScore scores.

It is this pdf format is the hassle. It seems lots of people want to convert from it and there's lots of people out there offering progs to do it. Most of them online for some reason. I could do it that way for free I think though I'd rather have a desktop app. For desktop looks like I'm going to have to buy it. So I'm searching around looking for what might be the best one.

I imagine a pdf to Word converter is going to convert the music to a .jpg and that's what I though MuseScore would have done itself for these purposes.

Right now I'll use my screen capture utility (Ducklink, or ScreenshotCaptor) to make .png's of the scores off my screen and I'll paste them into Word for printing. That'll do for a workaround I think.

I just gave that a try and it seems to work fine. Haven't tried it with a long score that goes off the screen but I think one of those two progs even boasts of being able to do that.

Thanks everyone for their help and interest.


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AT LAST! Image Capture! Simple as that.

My mistake again. I was told, wasn't I? Busy rushing along with whatever was in the front of my mind I put that on the back burner for checking later...

Just tested it. It works fine. There's the answer. Image Capture.

Thanks a lot. Now I'll go back to work.


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