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• Aug 8, 2016 - 20:56

On nightly builds, I can highlight measures and select either notes, grace notes, or rests. I would really like to add articulations to that list.

Quite often, I want something staccato or detache, and I want to do the usual convention of marking the first measure, then writing simile or stacc. sempre or something after it. I also want playback to be correct. So I select a measure, add articulations, then click on every individual staccato dot and make it invisible.

it would be a thousand times faster if I could just select some measures worth of articulations and make them invisible.

The other way to do it is to set default selection to everything that was just added - so if I select ten measures of 16ths and hit Shift+S, the selection switches from the measure to all 160 staccato marks I just made. That would make later editing more difficult, though, as you still can't select measures worth of articulation.

I would also like it if 'Select all similar elements' didn't select every single other articulation on the score or staff - just the type(staccato, tenuto, portato) I had already highlighted. or if that was a seperate option. It would save a LOT of time.

It'd also be nice if I could put an accent over a staccato mark without it affecting the length of the note, just the velocity. I have to do a fair amount of articulation selection so I can uncheck 'play' as well as invisible, and then edit the offset velocity of the note.

And... I should make a seperate issure for this? Note playback lengths. the standard should be like 90-85% length(or, more likely, 20/30 ticks off of every note value above 32nd). Then tenuto marks could do something other than look pretty and I wouldn't need to stick portatos on every sixteenth/eighth note run ever. Portatos are too short for that anyway. Slurs could also have playback then, like they used to.

I know I'm posting a lot, but I have a bunch of ideas.


You actually can select articulations (or anything else) based on what measures are selected. To select all staccatos within a single measure, for example, select that measure, then right-click one staccato dot and choose Select > All Similar Elements in Range Selection.

The second thing is a known issue, filed more than a year ago, that just hasn't been a priority for the developers to solve: #70641: Overlapping Articulations Cancel

Based on some previous discussion about the default note length (#16887: Slur and phrase end notes should play at 90% length and #24246: Playback of piano notes is non-legato), at present we have a very curious situation where pianos and flutes—and no other instruments!—play at 95% length by default, and thus adding tenuto or slurs on those instruments does have an effect. This should be revisited, though, especially because there is someone working on an entirely different and very convincing slur playback (see So I would say yes, make a separate issue for that.

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Hah! I couldn't hear that on piano, which isn't surprising, but I just thought my flute soundfont was a tad more... toungy.. than the rest.

Thanks for the tip on range selection, but I just tested it, and it still doesn't differentiate between different types of articulation. So if I have a selection with a bunch of accents and tenutos(I do) I can't only select the accents or only select the tenutos, and it would be really nice if I could.

Thank you!

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