MIDI file fails

• Aug 27, 2016 - 01:20

I have some midi files that were downloaded along with sheet music which can be played successfully with Windows Media Player but when opened with Musescore 2.0.3 an incorrect result is obtained. It looks like the file is being truncated to a single note.

Here is a link to a screenshot of what appears on my computer when the attached file is opened.

Is there a solution for this problem?

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I have had a look at this and can confirm that the MuseScore 2.0.3 SMF import is producing this result.

The file plays normally in Sonar Professional and in Anvil Studio.

Examining the file with my SMF diagnostic software does not reveal anything peculiar about the file other than a Data Slider message at the beginning which appears to be redundant.

Is igevorse still around? If so, this is one for him I think.

Removing the data slider message and resaving the file with Sonar results in MuseScore's SMF import interpreting the file correctly.

I attach it for your interest.......

PS Glad to see it is already fixed for the next version :)

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