Transliteration of Mussorgsky's name

• Aug 30, 2011 - 18:44
S4 - Minor

Both the app, and the documentation, use a demo file of "Bilder finer Ausstellung", credited to "Modeste Moussorgsky". While, of course, the transliteration of Russian names is somewhat variable, the spelling of the first name with an 'e' is much less common than the one without (about 25x less common, according to Google, with 700000+ hits for "Modest Mussorgsky" vs. 27000 hits for "Modeste Mussorgsky").

The last name is definitely not spelled with "ou", there are only 29 Google hits for that transliteration.

I therefore would suggest changing the name to "Modest Mussorgsky".


I found the spelling of "Modeste Moussorgsky" in my copy of "Bilder einer Ausstellung" from C.F. Peters Leipzig.
But you are right, the most common transliteration is Modest Mussorgsky.

"Modeste Moussorgky" is the french "translation" of his name (note the OU) and it's 75000 hits on google. Still 10x less common but just to put it right. Russian elite was quite "francophile" during his life. He even started to adapt a novel by Flaubert.