Tempo Text only propagates to all parts if TextStyle = Tempo

• Sep 12, 2016 - 12:36
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S4 - Minor
by design

See attached score, or use following steps from scratch:
1. Create a score with at least two instruments
2. Add tempo marking
3. Change style in the inspector (I've changed to 'Technique')
4. Export a part without the topmost instrument

Result: Tempo markers with altered text styles only show up on parts having the topmost instrument in them
Expected Result: Tempo markers show up in all parts, regardless of their style setting.

For the attached file, expected result shows up for top staff (Soprano part), but not for all others.

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TempoTextStyle_Parts.mscz 5.92 KB


This is by design. If you want a text to be exported with all parts then it must be a system text. If you want to change the style of tempo to technique, then choose technique AND check "System text" in the technique style. All technique style text should now export to all parts.

I understand.
For some reason I didn't expect text style to contain the 'system' property, but rather saw it as a shortcut to manually styling the text (contents), not changing the properties of the text (element).

One more reason for me to continue (aspire) working on the plugin framework and export that property in the future :)