[trunk] R4754 MusicXML issues: keysig imports in first staff only

• Sep 6, 2011 - 18:25
S4 - Minor

1. Create a new piano score in any key but C major.
2. Export the score in XML
3. Re-import the score.

The proper key sig is only in the treble clef, the bass clef is C major.


Title [trunk] R4754 MusicXML issues [trunk] R4754 MusicXML issues: keysig imports in first staff only
Status (old) active fixed

Fixed in revision 4776.

When you do what? Are you saying line breaks are being inserted automatically wihtout you asking for them? Or that you are running an operation - like the plugin - that is supposed to inse line breaks but for some reason isn't?

The line breaks seem to be added automatically when I import an XML file. I have a v1 MS file which has no line breaks defined. When I export it as XML and re-import it now has line breaks placed every 4 bars. Only one or two sections don't. I don't mind as I typically add a line break every 4 bars, but I doubt the XML importer (or exporter) is supposed to do this.

Replying to reply number 3, first line: glad to hear it works.

Regarding the second line, this seems a completely unrelated problem. It would be better to move this discussion to the forum : http://musescore.org/en/forum The issue tracker is only for precise bug report or for feature requests already talked through on the forum. Even if line break handling is currently incorrect, for tracking purposes it is better to have a separate issue instead of reusing an existing unrelated issue.

For now I assume the key signature import issue is fixed, if not, please reopen this issue and explain why it does not work yet. I'm happy to discuss line break handling in the forum.