Screen position and size

• Sep 6, 2011 - 20:22
S4 - Minor

I'm using Win7 32-bit on a dual-LCD setup, and maybe this is a Windows 7-ism but this seems to affect both branch and trunk. It's also hard to explain.

Windows 7 has two methods to shrink windows down from full-screen. The first one, the "restore down" button on the top-right of every window, works fine. You can shrink the window manually and when you click "restore down" the MS window will shrink and the size/position will be remembered between launches.

However, you can also drag the window by the top frame and it will jump from full-screen to whatever smaller size you defined before. But when you quit MS when it is shrunk using this method, it will always start up full-screen. Other apps honour this resizing method except MS.