[trunk] R4786 slurs and ties

• Sep 14, 2011 - 14:56
S4 - Minor

I've worked with 1.0 and 1.1 now for many months and like the look of the slurs and ties. They are not the same entities and should not be drawn exactly the same, and 1.x does differentiate them nicely. The tie goes between the notes, the slur starts over the notes, so you can tell the difference as this example shows.

V1.1 tie and slur

However, v2.0 seems to draws the tie and slur the same with them both starting over the note. Consecutive ones, like this sample of the same file as 1.x, end up having the beginnings/end blended, and it's visually displeasing.

V2 tie and slur


Yes, R4796 does look better. My question is why was there a major change from the way 1.x was drawing them? Even now, with the changes in 4796, a stacked tie and slur are still very close, almost touching at the middle of the arc. The 1.x anchor point for a tie was more to the side of the note head than it is now in 4796, separating the slur and tie even more.