playback pitch

• Sep 23, 2016 - 22:11

I wish to do an instrument change from "Contrabass" to Tuba. When I do this, the heard playback pitch is an octave below the written note.

If I move the notes down an octave to a comfortable written note for the instrument, Musescore flags them as below the tuba range (which is correct!).

I do not see a way to amend this.


In MuseScore 2.0.3, the contrabass uses an octave transposing clef—bass clef 8vb. Simply replace the initial clef with a plain bass clef from the Clefs palette.

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You're welcome! I should probably let you know that manually changing the clef comes with some limitations—the staff still remembers its original clef, and will restore it if you delete the first measure or use the score as a template. In an ideal MuseScore, the underlying clef should change with the instrument, but ideal MuseScore hasn't been achieved yet. ;-) See #4954: Change instrument via staff properties doesn't affect clef, and feel free to add your voice.

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