Layout | Page Settings Unit doesn't save?

• Sep 25, 2016 - 12:11

If I change the Layout | Page Settings | Unit to inch then Save, when I go back to this dialog it has gone back to mm. Can this setting not be saved?

Many thanks

MuseScore 2.0.3


I can't reproduce this problem, unless you mean that when going back to the dialog from a different score that setting is not what you set it to in the first score, in which case I believe that's by design.

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Sometimes it saves, sometimes it doesn't. Seems to differ whether I click on Apply before OK. Also, it is sometimes OK in the same session. But if I exit MuseScore then start MuseScore again and open up the score it has always reverted to mm.

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Ah, yes. It seems to be a MuseScore setting, not a score setting, regardles that changing it marks the score 'dirty' i.e. modified.

comparing very simple score saved once with mm and another time with inch reveals that indeed the unit is not stored in the score, the differences between the score (and cause for being marked modified) is in how the numbers are rounded, they are always stored in mm

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