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• Sep 29, 2016 - 09:28

I LOVE Musescore! I have used it extensively with excellent results, but there is always more to learn. If there is one area that confuses me it is repeats and voltas.

Here is a problem I have encountered before. I am scoring a song which has some repeated sections and a coda. (Frequently this has been a hymn tune.) To repeat the whole verse, I use 'DC al Coda'. However, on returning DC, the repeats do not 'reset to zero', so no repeats occur.

The example attached (an abbreviated 'Lullaby of Broadway') shows the problem. Although stripped back here to simple repeats, I have tried numerous variations of voltas (which involves duplicating the final bar of the section), editing the volta properties and the number of repeats, but I cannot persuade the second verse to play correctly.

Any help greatly appreciated and gratefully accepted.

(Ubuntu 16.04; Musescore v2.0.2 Rev 3543170)

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This is correct / standard behavior - repeats are *not* normally taken on a DS or DC unless you explicitly tell the players to do so via extra text (eg, "take repeats") somewhere. MuseScore won't understand that extra text, but the players reading your score will.

Maybe this little workaround is you're looking for (at least for playback):

- use voltas
- insert a second "d.c. al coda" in volta 1 and make this invisible
- change in volta 1 the repeat list to 1 and 3
- add to the text of the second "d.c. al coda" the words "con. rep"

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Clever! Thanks, kuwitt. However, there are in fact three repeated sections in the complete verse, so this trick starts to get a bit complicated!
I have produced an accurate playback by repeating the whole score, while keeping the simpler version for the musicians/singers. Not ideal, but functional.
I assume that the 'con rep' is for appearances only. This is the development that Jojo Scmitz and others are thinking about.
Thanks for your help.

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