Superfluous/extra clefs and key signatures inserted after color change

• Oct 4, 2016 - 06:50

-- Using MuseScore on Windows 10, versions 2.0.3 and 3 (185f329) --

MuseScore apparently has more serious problems with color manipulation than the inability to change the color of brackets ( In both 2.0.3 and 3 nightly, when you change the color of clefs or key signatures the program adds in unnecessary new clefs and key signatures "downstream" from the recolored items.

For example, here are a few bars before recoloring the system's clef and key signature:
Before changing clef color.jpg

and here are the same bars after applying a new color to the clef and key signature at the left side of the system. MuseScore has inserted new, redundant clef and key signature items in the middle of the line (they're the right color, anyway):
After changing clef color.jpg

Note that in the second example I've also changed the colors of the notes, rests, barlines and staff lines, but those changes didn't cause extra items to appear. (You can tell from the picture that this is 2.x, because the ledger lines don't change color when you change the color of the staff lines. That bug has been fixed in 3.)

It may or may not be relevant to mention that I went back to version 1.3 and tried recoloring clefs and key signatures there. It worked fine--no extra markings were added. But when I opened the 1.3 file in 2.0.3, now every staff on every system had an unnecessary extra clef and key signature.


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Here are the steps you can follow to reproduce the color-related sorcerer's apprentice problem (using MuseScore 2.0.2 in this case, but this behavior came to my attention on 2.0.3 and 3.x):

1. Open multi-staff, multi-page score. (In my own documents the extra clefs and signatures didn't show up until page 2. For the demonstration, I started with "Reunion" from 1.x and inserted a bunch of measures to give it some length; as it turned out the proliferation of extra items began on this score on page 1.)

2. Right-click on any clef symbol, choose Select->All Similar Elements and then choose new color. I didn't see any problem after this operation in this test score.

3. Right-click on any key signature, choose Select->All Similar Elements, choose a new color, and then stand back. Note that not only has MS inserted a bunch of extra clefs and key signatures in the new color, but now the original ones at beginning of each system have reverted to black:

Reunion after recoloring.jpg

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Doesn't happen here with one of my multi-page, multi-stave scores, I do see it Happening with your Reounion, but I guess that is because of some quires in the file, being an Import from 1.x and not created from scratch in 2.0
For some reason the change Color of key-sigs here results in a different layout, System breaks being in different places, and as a result unwarranted courtesy clefs and -key sigs to show

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Along those lines, the original versions of my own scores came from Finale (2016). I exported from Finale to MusicXML and imported that into MuseScore 3 (and later for testing, into MuseScore 2). The results of the import were excellent, as far as I could see, annd things went awry only when I tried changing colors.

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Not really willing to post the score and the steps to reproduce are not clear to me. All I can say is that issues with courtesy clefs, time or key signatures happens every time I use Musescore since the past few years. The workaround seems to be to insert enough fresh bars/measures at the start of the score and copy and paste the corrupted bars/measures and then remove them. Sorry I cannot be of any further assistance.

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...but I do not know what steps causes this bug; the unnecessary or even double courtesy clefs, time, and key signatures is a bug that is a very typical user-experience of Musescore that's plagued versions 2 and now 3 for years in spite of promises to fix it. But it's free so I guess we're to expect a buggy experience of this otherwise awesome resource.

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Even without steps to reproduce the problem, posting one such score with a problem - one actually created using 3.4.2, not one created with an older version that has known bugs - might help us guess at what some of the triggers might be. I've personally never encountered such a problem since we fixed the last known bugs in this around a year ago. But if any remain, I might guess they have to do with some combination of using linked staves/parts plus toggling of multimeasure rests, concert pitch, plus adding or removing horizontal frames or system breaks. Maybe also things like whether there are start repeats or key/time signature changes in the same measure as the clef, or whether any manual adjustments were applied to any of these elements (like the color change discussed here). Would be interesting to see how many of those variables are present in your score or if any other clues present themselves.

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