(Barre) lines do not change in length appropriately when layout changes

• Oct 5, 2011 - 08:31
S4 - Minor
won't fix

When editing score in a way which changes the length of a measure, any barre line above that measure does not change in length to match the new layout.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create score with just 2 measures
2. Enter enough semiquavers in both measures so that the width is changed to fill the line
3. From the Lines palette add a barre line to cover all the notes in one measure
4. Append 5 or 6 measures


The length of the measures with notes in them is now shorter with more closely spaced notes. The barre line is shorter but not by the same degree. The end of the barre line remains in the same place but it now starts at an earlier point. (The first time I noticed this the start of the barre line actually ended up off the page).

Using R4837 on Mac OS X 10.6.8


What do you mean by a "barre" line? What is the purpose of this line? And how are you setting the length of the line? If you are doing it as described in the Handbook, using the cursor keys to make sure the end points of the line are actualy attached to specific notes, then it should resize correctly, and does for me. Maybe you're just kind of eyeballing it? If you are creating the line attached to specific notes and it doesn't remain attached to those notes on resizing, could you post a score that demonstrates this?

Thanks for the response.

Sorry, "barre" may be a term specific to fretted stringed instruments. It is a line that indicate a finger is held across a number of strings at a particular fret. In terms of notation it is the one at the bottom of the palette with Roman numeral text.

However, that is not relevant to the problem itself and your answer allows me to fix it thanks. I was anchoring the end but not the beginning.

I am not sure if it is specific to Mac but I should mention the handbook instructions do not appear to be complete. Whilst length and horizontal position can be changed using the keyboard, the mouse has to be used (as far as I can tell) to change vertical position. When I insert a line it always lies on top of the top line of the staff rather than in a clear space above the staff (and above the highest ledger note) where I would expect it. I had got used to moving it with the mouse and always have to slightly lengthen it. Over time forgotten about the first anchor point altogether. Sorry.

Yes, vertical positioning requires the mouse. There are a couple of outstanding feature requests to allow more elements to be nudged by keyboard alone.

FWIW, I knew of the term "barre chord" for guitar, but had only seen this in conjunction with fretboard diagrams, not as an actual line line drawn over notes in standard notation. Thanks for the info!