[Trunk] Undoing clef change at start of bar does not affect grace notes (apparently)

• Oct 6, 2011 - 21:31
S4 - Minor

Tested with 2.0.0 prerelease r4847 on Win7 x64.

When grace notes appear on a bar, and the clef is changed subsequently, then the grace notes are moved accordingly. When undoing this change (CTRL-Z or "Edit"→"Undo"), the clef and notes revert to before the clef change, but the grace notes remain at the place where they were after the clef change.

Before clef change:
2.0.0 grace notes before clef change.png

Clef change:
2.0.0 grace notes after clef change.png

After undoing clef change:
2.0.0 grace notes after clef change undone.png

What is weird, is that when you drop another clef on top of the first clef, the grace notes are again placed correctly according to the replacement clef. So it looks like a screen refresh issue.