[trunk] Instruments show their clef, but actually use treble clef

• Oct 13, 2011 - 18:01
S2 - Critical

Setup: rev. 4858; Ubuntu 11.04, Qt SDK 1.1.3 (Qt lib 4.7.4)


1) Create a new score with one or more instruments using clef(s) other than treble (I tested guitar and cello).
2) Enter a few notes: notes are positioned on the staff as the clef be treble clef (this is not visible for instruments using treble 8aBassa clef like guitar, but obvious for instruments using for instance bass clef).
3) Save and re-load: the clef originally displayed is retained but notes are different; in fact they are the notes which would have been if the clef has initially been treble clef.

Sample screen shot:

A sample screen shot is attached: it shows a sample score as it appears while initially editing (above) and after saving and reloading (below). Notes entered were: C D E F.

Above: Obviously notes do not match the shown bass clef (they appear to be E F G A); moreover, they are yellowish, meaning they are assumed to be at the edge of the instrument range and then they are assumed to be MUCH higher (or lower) than the notes actually shown.

Below: after saving and re-loading, notes show how they were originally interpreted: as the initial clef has been treble clef rather than bass clef.


1) This seems to happen since a few revisions only, possibly since 4851.

2) Even if this does not lead to crashes, I set status to critical as the result is completely 'wrong' and affects at the root testability of the app.



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