[Ubuntu Studio 10.04] CPU maxes out

• Oct 20, 2011 - 10:50
S4 - Minor

MuseScore 1.1 maxes out CPU constantly on my machine running Ubuntu Studio 10.04 with default settings.

This did not happen with the previous 0.9.x version I used. (Haven't used it in a while so not sure of the value of 'x' - do have files created with that version but don't know how to find what version they were created with.)

Turning off portaudio in the I/O settings resolves the CPU maxing problem, but then ALSA-only playback is choppy, unless JACK is also running.

Temporary workaround is to always run JACK when using MuseScore.

Soundcard is an M AUDIO Delta 66 ICE1712
Ubuntu Studio 10.04
MuseScore 1.1
libportaudio 19+svn20090620-0ubuntu2


Deselecting both ALSA and JACK in the I/O tab also fixes the problem, even if Portaudio is then running with the ALSA interface (and JACK is not running at all).

Title MuseScore maxes out CPU on Ubuntu Studio 10.04 [Ubuntu Studio 10.04] CPU maxes out
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Hi Wayne

Are you able to reproduce in a nightly build, or source code for 2.0?