Delete subject field to additional comments.

• Oct 21, 2011 - 09:07
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I would want to ask you guys what you think about the subject line to additional comments.

For example, after a thread has already been started and it has a Subject Field, what point is there for additional replies in the form of comments to also have a Subject Field?

As an extensive past bug report contributor of, I used to find that extra field very annoying when replying to other reports, or simply trying to read through one thread.

Could you guys please consider removing that? I mean, a title has already been given to the thread anyways, what point is there for people's replies to have title fields? It's kind of confusing and useless.

Thank you!!!

I LIKE this projects community VERY much!!!


Generally I agree with you but most people don't enter a subject line and let it auto-fill. Sub-threads do appear and having a different subject is helpful. My biggest issue is when people are responding in long threads... it can take some time to find the latest post in amongst them all as they are not listed in date order.

Maybe think of it as a post title (i.e: "My take on it"), as well as the topic title ("A proposed change"). Some forums don't have the post title though.

I do agree with schepers that the reply function does make it difficult to find new posts. Perhaps it could be changed so the post being replied to is referenced (via a note), but appears in linear order - also a quote function so you can select specific text.

Even the auto-fill option is quite confusing at times and unneccesary. It only seems to clutter the reading of an article.

And the other problem is that subsequent posts should go to the right of the previous post, so that one can tell in what order they were made.

And also, the possibility of starting a whole new comment in a conversation should also be there, which, it actually is, when I click "Reply" here, I am actually not "replying" I am merely "commenting" again as if I was an other person bringing yet an other idea to the subject without anything pointing to what my idea was in reply of.

If you guys could bring this to the attention of the web developer, this would exponentially increase productivity and make people LIKE reporting bugs on this website!

It is GOOD though in comparison with a host of other sites...

Subject field are used for two reasons:
- Subscription emails
- RSS feed
In both cases, the subject field is crucial to make it easy to define what you want to read and what not. So it's advised to enter a subject, in order to make your comment more attractive to read. After all, you want people to read your comment. So do a little effort to present it nicely.

Well, I think because people really LIKE MuseScore and also doing bug reporting for it, they just skip the title and just read the whole thing regardless of the title., now in regards to RSS feeds I can understand that, though, an RSS feed be for the thread itself, and not the subsequent comments? I'm not talking about the big title up there at the start of the thread, I'm talking about the one that keeps on appearing everytime one wants to write a new comment.

It's only now that I actually realise that I'm being given the ability to modify the title of this whole thread, I don't really get why that option is even given to me, why on earth would I modify any of the incipient field of this thread, it's kind of a waste of code...

It's you the cool developer guys who change Statuses for threads and change priority and that kind of stuff, not neccesarily the everyday tester who just reports he found a bug.

Perhaps this could be easier for the everyday user's eyes if the "Edit issue settings" field would not be auto-expanded by default.

It's still a bit confusing to me as to why you guys have two different ways of dealing with the "Bug reports" stuff on your website and the other forum...

They should both have the exact same high standard features like indenting even if they're in two different parts of the website.


(Also thanks for being patient with me you guys, I think you can tell I'm really passionate about MuseScore)

"It's still a bit confusing to me as to why you guys have two different ways of dealing with the "Bug reports" stuff on your website and the other forum... "

One is for discussion (is it a bug or not, maybe there's a workaround) and the other for real unique bugs. Granted the lines blur sometimes...

I know I read everything that gets posted, regardless of forum title. Thats how I learn.

It would still be a lot easier if indentation would be here precisely because the lines DO blur a lot of times...

I mean, the structure of it is just better!

It makes the difference between a "Reply" and a "Comment" because in this setting they're all comments.

I suspect thats why the issue tracker and forums are presented differently. The forums are for discussion, and are setup that way. You can have sub-threads going on in one discussion, and still manage to contain it all in one topic. The issue tracker is really for a full-blown bug/issue report. There's typically very little discussion for those, it just gets fixed and thats it.

To me, thats how to judge if you post to the issue tracker or the forum. If you suspect the report will generate a lot of discussion because its a subjective request, or you want to discuss it, put it in the forums first and hash it out. If the ensuing discussion results in a clear cut outcome, then post an issue referencing the forum number.