Latest nightly doesn't play my score

• Oct 21, 2011 - 09:42
S5 - Suggestion

I just opened a small score that I created with MuseScore 1.1 with the latest Nightly, 4829, and there's no sound coming out of it, regardless of whether I want to play the whole score or inpute notes.

Is it because of the SoundFont that comes with it? Isn't it the same with the SF file of MuseScore 1.1?

If the answer to the previous question is no, then why not?

Sometimes a user wants to check a score with a Nightly to see if it works.

Does the TimGM6mb only have the Piano sound?

Shouldn't information about the whole SoundFont thing be on I can't see any SoundFont information on there that would potentially aid me in this.



The interesting thing is that it does play anything else IF I start a new score directly from the Nightly, but not if I open a score that I previously created with MuseScore 1.1 Revision 4611.

I just don't get why that happens...

I attached the score that doesn't work.

Is it because it was made with MuseScore 1.1?

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Hm, OK, if it is, then OK.

Latest nightly works if you create a score with it, but not if the score was created with something else.

I don't know what to say, it still happens....

I have a brand new score that I created with rev. 4611 and it doesn't play anything in rev. 4859

This might be an issue that MuseScore 2.0 might inherit, if I recall this used to also happen in the past sometimes, I haven't been around the project for more than a year now...

There a number of issues reported in the nightly dealing with soundfonts and preferences, and they could be related. Do a search for "soundfont" in the issue tracker to see what I mean. It is reported and will be fixed eventually. For now, when opening 1.x files, you will need to go to Synthesizer and manually load a soundfont each time.

Ooooh, so that's the fix...

The bug's been around for a long time, I can remember that one! I remember when David Bolton put up that nightly download link on the bug's been around ever since, I had the same issue with the first nightly that I downloaded.

It would REALLY be cool if this would be fixed, it would encourage more users to use the nightlies and provided valuable feedback and bug reports.