How do i get 4 bars per line?

• Oct 21, 2011 - 22:42

Just putting together some jazz lead sheets and always find them easier to deal with when its 4 bars per line, anyone know how to do it?

many thanks


The above works, but the more flexible option is to use the Break Every X Measures plugin, which also allows you to select a range of measures before running the plugin to allow some lines (like the first, if it includes a pickup, or a line with a first and second ending) to have a different number of bars.

Also, in general, if you haven't read my tutorials on creating jazz lead sheets, you might want to start there, as they will probably answer most of the questions you might otherwise have (including this one):

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I have found that this method does not seem to work all the time in 2.0 beta, for example if I set 4 bars max I will find that there will never be any lines with more than 4, however there are a few lines that only have 2 bars per line which are stretched out to fill the line?

Is this a bug or is there something I missed?

Oh and BTW I tried "Fixed Measure Width" on and off and it made no difference. Mostly the bars that did this were a full bar rest, bit not always?


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Hard to say unless you post the score you are having problems with (the actual MSCZ file, not just a picture of it), but if those two measures are full of sixteenths or something, you'd need to reduce stretch to make them fit. Or maybe there is a line break there that you need to deletem

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Thanks for your reply, it was indeed page breaks that were causing the problem.

I did not enter these page breaks, and they seem to show up in random places in the score, how do they get in there, is there a shortcut key I am hitting by mistake when I am creating the music score?

Thanks again, the mystery is solved..

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MuseScore never adds explicit breaks for you. Any breaks in your score were either there when you first created it (eg, you started from a template or other score that included them), or else you added them. The keybaord shortcuts for adding breaks are the same as they are in most text editors / word processors - after selecting a barline, Enter does a line break, Ctrl+Enter does a page break. So I'm guessing you started from a template that included line breaks, or else you at some point clicked a barline and hit Enter. The latter seems kind of unlikely to happen by accident, but it's possible.

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