[ trunk ] R4928 Staccato articulation no longer works

• Oct 29, 2011 - 21:04
S4 - Minor

This basic articulation works very nicely in 1.x, but no longer works in 2.0. Win7 32 bit.


I briefly checked some other articulations, but I know most never worked on 1.1. I have no idea which should now work under 2.0 but I would assume that the ones that worked under 1.1 should continue doing so.

[ Edit: accaciatura/appogiatura (sp?) play very differently than 1.1, but I think this has already been reported. ]

Grace notes are a bit of a mess playback-wise (also generally) - needs to be discussed properly so a proper solution can be attained.

It is a good point though when you think about other things that don't playback - just the fact it does in 1.1 makes it seem different.

Status (old) fixed active

It only works on new scores created in the nightly build - not 1.x scores.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (4946) - Mac 10.6.8.

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Good catch! I tried with a score I have that contained staccato notes but it won't even open in the trunk right now, so I didn't check it further.

Staccato is defined per instrument. Initial values are in the instrument definition file (instruments.xml).
The new playback structure is not complete and currently for old scores you have to apply the "change instrument" function to set the new instrument definitions from the xml file.

Werner, I think I'm just more confused by your answer. Does you mean that the instrument details are included in the MSCZ file and are therefore overriding the ones defined in v2? Are the instrument files so different between versions?

The implementation of articulations for playback has changed. The idea was that "staccato" may mean something different for different instruments. For piano it changes the actual played duration of a note (note off time - note on time) is changed. The difference between nominal duration and actual played duration is defined as in % in instruments.xml.
The implementation allows to define an individual gate time for every instrument and named articulation.
The old implementation had a fixed gateTime for a given articulation independent of instrument.

The instrument definitions are part of the score file. Changing instruments.xml does only effect new created scores or if you are changing the instrument of a staff.

I am thinking on how to implement backward compatibility. Maybe using the old values as default for an articulation could work.

Just trying to keep this bug on the radar. Backwards compatibility for proper playback of old scores will be an important issue before and after 2.0.