[trunk] R4946 XML line breaks

• Nov 2, 2011 - 13:10
S4 - Minor
by design

In a multi-page score with a line or page break defined on the final measure of the page, when XML exported and imported within v2, the final line/page break on each page is not exported (or imported). The final measure line/page break is also not exported/imported.

When this is working right, whatever break I place should be what is exported. If I define a line break for the final measure of a page, it should export as a line break and not be converted to a page break.


The first issue (import/export of end-of-page line/page breaks) seems fixed in R5014. However, the second one, import/export of the final line/page break is still an issue. Whatever is defined on the final measure is lost in XML export/import.

Status (old) active by design

Unfortunately, this cannot be changed. MuseScore attaches breaks to (the end of) the last measure, while MusicXML records the start of a new page or system in the first measureof a system. Thus a break in the last measure cannot be expressed in MusicXML.