[Trunk] Patch to add a center grip in line element for moving it

• Nov 5, 2011 - 23:09
S4 - Minor


In attached file a patch, if you want to add in trunk, to allow move line element with a center grip.

Thank's for all your work



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Please, tell me if i am in the wrong way to help you to improve MuseScore?

If yes, what is the good way? or If you don't need help, no problem ;-) i stop to lost time in MuseScore.


It's definately the good way to help MuseScore. Please keep on! Maybe discuss a feature before implementing a patch though.
Why adding another grip since you can move line just by drag and dropping them, just like any other element. Adding a grip to move them seems to break the unity of moving elements. What do you think?


Because when you adjust the width of an element, at the same time you want also adjust the position. Swap between double click and escape to have access to the two feature slow entering score and adjusting element.
Implementing it in line.c it's just a try, maybe adding this to another element of musescore when this element is in edit mode its an idea to avoid switch keyboard/mouse.
I think, limitate switch between mouse/keyboard it's a good thing.
Adjusting size or position of an element with keyboard it's also an other way to speed up entry.

Have a notation software mixing the quick entry of lilypond and the user friendly interface like sibelius or nwc seem's to me an interesting way.



This patch has been commited. I think it adds one non desirable behavior. I often find myself dragging a volta line, and double click it to extend it with Shift + right arrow. That's no more possible since the middle handle is selected by default.

Hello, you are rigth.

In this case you can use tab to switch between grip.

I'am waiting the fixing or no for this patch to propose the modification to allow

outer grips ( no modification )
shift + rigth or shift + left to extend
rigth and left to move

center grip
rigth or left or up and down to move accuratly
Ctrl + right or left or up and down to move quickly

An other idea is to add axis to element for best positioning relative to other (cross lines in center of element)

What do you hink about?