Fall down (sort of glissando)

• Nov 6, 2011 - 13:26


I'm trying to fill in a glissando (fall down) from one note. The problem is there isn't a second note (to put it between). Is there still a way to create this?



It seems that you have hit on a gap in MuseScore's armoury.

For the benefit of the developers, this article discusses the various signs used in Jazz band scores, and which probably should be included in a future version.


Maybe we should open a feature issue on this?

As a workaround, you could use the glissando sign between two notes, and then make the second invisible (and zero velocity)


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As I recall, there is a "falls and doits" palette in 2.0. Not sure if it covers everything that would be needed yet, but the feature is there.

When I've needed to this this in 1.1, I typically just use the "line" element, which doesn't require two notes to connect. Doesn't look exactly how I'd prefer, but it's clear enough. You can also create a second note to attach the gliss symbol to, then mark it invisible - I've done that sort of thing on occasion, too. Works especially well for slurs, as you can then bend them into different shapes.

Yeah, so I'm about 6 years too late, but in Musescore 2.0, open the master pallet with Shift+F9 and go to symbols. Then scroll down until you find the fall.

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