How to paste text into a frame

• Oct 12, 2016 - 01:52

I have the lyrics of a song in a text file which I would like to put into a text box in a Muse score. I can create a text box and type into it successfully. However nothing happens when I try to paste lyrics into it by selecting them using Edit->Copy in the text editor and then going to MuseScore and using either RightClick->Paste orCtrl/V>.

Is it possible to do this? Or (hopefully) I'm missing something obvious.


Are you using the 'Insert Text Frame' or 'Append Text Frame' command from the Add>Frames main menu?

Text frames.png

If you are, it should be possible to paste text into it by double-clicking inside the text frame after you create it, and then typing CTL+V. Using 2.0.1 on Win7, I successfully pasted text into a text frame which was copied to the clipboard from an Outlook Express mail message that is running in a separate XP Virtual Machine within the main computer. (I deliberately tried to paste in from as 'far away' as possible to see if it would work, and it did.)

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