Missing staff lines when printing a score

• Oct 12, 2016 - 02:14

I just downloaded the latest version of MuseScore (2.03), and have encountered a problem trying to print a lead sheet. Most of the staves have missing lines, or no lines at all with the notes just floating in space. I tried clicking on Print under File, and also on the Printing icon, but it happens with both. And it still happens after rebooting the computer.

Fortunately, I still have version 0.9.6 which works perfectly, at least in this regard.

I am using Windows 10 and Canon printer MX882. This problem shows up on the page to be printed before actually being printed. Any ideas what might be causing this?


Don Coyne


I have worked on a Piano score. After completing the score I realised one of the measures was incorrect. I had to do the whole measure again, so added another after it to do it properly. I then deleted the original (incorrect) measure. There is now a blank space between the measures, so that when it is playing back, there is no sound while the blue line is moving across the space on the page.

[In this particular piece, most measures are large (lots of notes), and take up a whole page-width. So the blank space is between two systems].

Is there a way to find the blank (invisible/deleted) staves so that I can delete the space from the score?

Thank you

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You wrote:
I then deleted the original (incorrect) measure.

How exactly did you delete the measure? Did you use Ctrl+Del?
Perhaps you simply deleted the *contents* of the measure, thereby leaving an *empty* measure, which plays back as silence (as you have mentioned).

If the measure also happens to be invisible (not merely greyed out) you can use menu item: View -> Show Invisible to view and delete it.

Need more help? Please post your score here.

I was having the same problem with lines missing from the staff whenever I'd print a score. To fix it, go to the Style menu, select General, then select Measure. At the bottom of the list, increase your Staff Line Thickness until your printer is able to clearly print all the lines. It worked for me -- I hope it works for you, too!

Victoria Beck

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Hmm, this should not be necessary with any modern (like, post 1980) printer. The default staff line thickness is way more than enough for virtually any printer to handle easier. Assuming you are not trying to use a 1970's-era dot matrix printer (!), could you post the score you you are having trouble with so we can understand better what might be going on?> Also say what printer you are using.

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