Section break and repeat bar-lines

• Oct 15, 2016 - 09:14

If there be two different sections in one Musescore file, and let each section be encompassed by repeating barlines, then the final measure of the first section with an end-repeat barline and a section-break--instead of immediately repeating--introduces a gap of silence prior to repeating.
After the repetition a new section is entered, and if a section break isn't utilized, then any repeat barlines or jumps will refer back to the previous section: this is undesired, but also undesired is the silence. Obviously an extra measure can be used after the end repeat barline and then have the section break applied to this measure, but then there's a blank measure showing. Is there anything I'm over-looking so as to have a section break applied, yet have it not provide a silence gap before repeating and still allow a silence gap after the repetition has occurred?
Thanks for any future response.


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Thanks for linking the report. Still a problem after a few years, eh?

Editing a section break's pause time into 0.0 seconds will rid the problem of silence before a repeat, but it is a trade-off in that there will be no silent transition into the next section.

This may seem ridiculous, but if it is absolutely necessary for there to be no gap in the repeat but a pause afterward, you can add an extra measure and attach a section break to it, make it have a 0 second pause, and then turn on "hide empty staves" (the gap will be the duration of whatever your bpm/time signature is). If you have staves you don't want to be hidden even though they're empty, you can still do this by adding an extra instrument and attaching the section break to it one measure after the repeat bar line, and then make your main instrument's staff properties have "never hide" checked on but still hide empty staves in the style->general->score settings.

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