aaviolin (AKA, All-Around Violin Soundfont)

• Oct 23, 2016 - 00:40

Hi everyone. May I present to you, the aaviolin (AKA, All-Around Violin Soundfont)!

I think this soundfont is SO AWESOME! I don't know who recorded the samples and made the soundfont and where I can find these violin samples?. But if you guys have any ideas, answers, or results, Please feel-free to comment below.

There are 3 versions of the soundfont: (The Original, The New and Edited Version, and the (triples)mini Version.)

1. The Original is just the Original.
2. In the New and Edited Version, I adjusted the volume and the key range in Polyphone, But the Soundfont is the same almost.
3. The (triples)mini Version's samples are quite different and they are looped.

There are some .mp3 demos of the soundfont (Mostly done by the New and Edited Version.)

1. aaviolin Phrase 1 (Violin Piano)
2. aaviolin Phrase 2 (Violin Forte)
3. aaviolin Phrase 3 (Violin Forte Extra Long)
4. Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto in D Major (With the Squidfont Orchestral and the Bellatrix Orchestra Soundfonts)
5. Canon in D Major (With the Chamber Organ Soundfont from My Orchestra Soundfont and Karoryfer x bigcat cello.

Download the Soundfont here and use it for any kind of composition you are creating with MuseScore: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2I_8bgGH-Q3TlhXMHNYV3lhbWM?usp…

If you have any questions or concerns about the soundfont, Please Comment below.



these samples are ripped and distribuated in 2004 by TripleS, member of the notorious sf2midi.com-community.
the mini-version is made by boynamedsue (as you can read in the info), because in those days not many users had the memory and cpu-power to play the full version.

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i dont think so, TripleS dumped a lot on sf2midi.com, but not all and sf2midi.com is gone. i would not waste too much time either for those samples, because a lot of it is rubbish. TripleS gave me a packet of Ehornsamples that sounded like a muffled kazoo. the aaviolin is made of only the best samples and even there you can hear glitches, scratching and bumps (recorded from too close a distant).

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it was never told where the samples came from, you did not ask, you did not want to know, they might be, but EastWest never claimed the copyrights, could be because of the bad revieuws the samples received at sf2midi.com-forum. they were commercial sets, one sample per note, in several fortitudes, dumped on Megaupload, the members of the sf2midi.comcommunity downloaded the packets, mapped the samples and uploaded the result to sf2midi.com, so there were different versions; integrali, mini, looped, picked cherries, velocitylayered...
every week sf2midi.com had to remove some soundfonts because of copyrightclaims, but as far as i know all that TripleSstuff was there until the end of the sites life.

Sounds good, I've been enjoying this soundfont. One issue with it though is that the playback dies out if the tempo is too slow and you have several tied measures (like 3 or 4 whole notes all tied together). If you check out the example I attached using this soundfont you can see what I mean if its not clear

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