Creating a score

• Nov 28, 2011 - 14:24

Please advise me.

I have successfully downloaded Musescore 0.9.5 onto my MacG3. My intention is to create a written score by interfacing my Kawai digital piano with my Mac and playing/improvising freely. Given that my setup procedure is correct, is that realization possible? I read through the manual and the 0.9.5 program would seem to be limited to single note entry. If that be the case, can anyone suggest a program that would run on my old Mac and accomplish my goal?

My Mac has the Audi/MIDI application. I had assumed that I should bring this up and effect the setup to accomplish the interface and then proceed through the setup of the 0.9.5 program. Nowhere in the Manual do I find mention of the Audio/MIDI application, however. Am I wrong in this assumption?

In my attempts thus far, I have come upon a box titled "Load File". I don't know the procedure to save a digital file, unfortunately. Is it possible to create a MIDI file using only the Audio MIDI application? Would that file then be loaded onto the 0.9.5 program to create a written score?

It will be obvious to the sophisticated that I am a novice in all of this.


No program will do what you want*well* - the resultant scores will generally be almost unreadable as there are too many difficult decisions to make in terms of notation of rhythm and spelling of accidentals to expect a computer to make them well. But if you just want to see *something* on paper, you can use any MIDI sequencer to record your peformance to a MIDI file, then import that into MuseScore. I don't know anything about the program you mention, but if it has a record button and lets you save a MIDI file, it should do fine, then the Load command in MuseScore will load it. Again, the results will likely be musical gibberish, but at least it's something.

BTW, that's an extremely omld version of MuseScore you just installed - why not install the current versipn (1.1)?

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