Double ampersand in nightly builds master palette

• Oct 25, 2016 - 04:21

In MuseScore 2.0.3, the master palette (Shift+F9) uses single ampersands ("&") in the following palette titles in the English translation:
-Arpeggios & Glissandos
-Breaths & Pauses
-Articulations & Ornaments
-Repeats & Jumps
-Breaks & Spacers
-Frames & Measures

In MS 3.0 nightly revision fe1f451 (and previous builds), all of the above items contain double ampersands ("&&") in their name. What is the reason for this change? I am assuming it was intentional; I'm curious to know the reason behind it.

Also, it seems none of the master palette items translate when languages are changed the "Preferences..." menu, but I doubt that is intentional. It seems it was noted at #102236: Palettes menu entry not translatable? If this is a separate issue, I can file a bug report.

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About the translation issue: MS 2.0.3. translates the master palette into Spanish (and probably others, too). The above 3.0 build (fe1f451) doesn't do the translation.

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The former "Articulations & Ornaments" Palette has been split onto 2 pallettes,so there are new string and thiose are not (yet) translated (nor yet available for translation). Similar for "Noteheads"
Why None of the strings are translated in the Master Palette is unclear to me though, there also some && is seen which is not the case in the paletes of the workspaces.
There the && is in the code and used to be needed to display one of the 2 &, I'll be looking into this now.
It seems unrelated to #102236: Palettes menu entry not translatable, which was just about the word "Palettes" itself

Now reported in #138721: Master palette items are not translated
Some more analysis there

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