Mixing note durations on same beat

• Nov 5, 2016 - 20:18

I'll search the forum some more, but an initial search does not come up with exactly what I'm looking for:

I need to have both eighth notes and quarter notes on the same beat. Like this:


I've tried looking through the handbook, change the parameters of the note, etc. but I every time I try to insert the quarter note, it overwrites eighth notes I have there, and when I try to show it as a quarter note (with the lower notes showing as eighths), I can't seem to make the stem of the quarter go up with the eighths going down.

Maybe I've just hit a limitation, but I did just start using this software today (love it otherwise!).

Thanks for any help!



To make independent durations on the same beat, each note must be in its own voice.
Musescore allows you to make up to 4 voices on a staff.
Just by following the single page "Getting started" that is presented in the start panel when you launch Musescore (or you can get it afterwards by F4) you will already have a small example of multiple voices (it is the 4th example/exercice of the getting started sheet).

Note that if you want to write several notes on the same beat all with the same duration you can also use voices, but in that case it is possible to put all the notes in the same voice (3th example/exercice of the getting started sheet).

I wish I had better read the "Getting started" sheet myself when I started to use Musescore ;-)

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Reading the handbook takes several hours and reading the getting started takes 10 minutes.
The getting started page has been carefully designed by the Musescore team just for that: to get ... started.
I don't understand why you would not recommend to begin with it.

Another way to do it is to let them all be eighth notes and then tie the ones that are supposed to be the same note. You can tie a note by selecting the first instance of it and pressing +. This is messy, but it works and it would be a way to bypass the voice limit if that became an issue.

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