Chord name transposition

• Dec 9, 2011 - 21:34
S4 - Minor

When transposing a score, some of the chord names are reproduced without change. This seems to happen when there are more chords in a measure (more than 2?). The first file attached is the original score (The Christmas Song). The second attached is the result of transposition from E-flat to C (The Christmas Song Test).

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The Christmas Song.mscz 4.92 KB
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Status (old) active by design

That's exactly what happened. MuseScore can only transpose chords it understands, and the currently selected style (cchords_muse.xml) expects "ma" and "mi" for major and minor. See the Handbook for info on the various different chord styles available, but there is no predefined style that uses "M" and "m" for major and minor. So you'll have to either adjust to one of the standard schemes provided, or else create your own customized chord style - and realize that files created with such a style won't be shareable with others.