Lyrics respacing notes

• Dec 13, 2011 - 04:30

This is a broad topic about lyrics respacing notes. It is created in response to a discussion that developed on a bug report on the issue tracker:

In general bugs on the issue tracker are as narrowly defined as possible and task-oriented for developers of MuseScore code. The forum is the best place for important discussions of broader topics or getting help with writing up a bug report that is useful for developers. The forum is intended for normal users versus the issue tracker which is intended for developers and testers.

engral, your confusion may have been with the original title which was much broader than the actual bug report included in the description (the description is listed at the top of the bug report page, under the bug title). I retitled the bug to better reflect the narrow description: "Lyrics for melismas should not respace notes if there is room before next syllable". Does this help clarify what we were trying to explain? If not feel free to ask more questions below.

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