Flams, Drags, and Rolls

• Mar 29, 2009 - 17:38

On a percussion line it is currently impossible put flams, drags or rolls on snare drum for instance.

P.S. I would also like to lobby to have percussion line input be the same method as normal note input, it is still very buggy in the form it is in now, and I am still forced to improvise quite often (such as in the case of temple blocks), and it is much more difficult to do using percussion input.


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Did you manage to create a roll that has a slur to the next note? In a lot of snare drum parts a roll is notated as a note with a '3 through stem'-tremolo and a bow to the next note. But when I ad this slur, the tremolo dissappears.
Am I doing somenthing wrong?


I love the new MuseScore 2.0 and doing flams is quite easy. I simply add a grace note and a slur (shortcut is s on the keyboard)

Not being able to use the notehead groups for drums is also a problem. I wanted to follow the standardized drumset notation but Musescore does not allow it. No ability to circle drumset notes to indicate cross sticking. Instead you have to use an "x" which standard notation reserves for cymbals. I also do not see a way to do tom flams on different toms. You can only annotate a flam on a single tom. I rarely do that. When I flam on toms it is usually left hand on the 12" rack tom and right hand on the 16" floor tom. Also you can't annotate half open Hi Hats because there is no circle with vertical slash icon to add above the Hi Hat note heads.

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