Flat signs in chord symbols are rectangles

• Nov 24, 2016 - 02:44
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Several times now, when I've started entering chord symbols, the flat sign becomes a rectangle. I have the latest version. I'm assuming it's a font issue, but don't know for sure and don't know how to fix it.

GIT commit: 3c7a69d


First thing to do is select the Style menu and then General...

On the left side make sure Score is selected

On the right side make sure Musical Symbols Font and Musical Text Font says Emmentaller. I believe this was my default for MS 2.0.3 and must have come with the program.

On the left side click Chord Symbols, Fretboard...

On the right side under appearance make sure Chord symbols style says either "chords_srd.xml" or "chords_jazz.xml"

If these settings are correct then one of these files must be missing.

If all of this is correct then a developer will have to help you.

Status (old) active needs info

Most likely one of two things. Either:

1) You have an obsolete version of one of MuseScore's fonts (eg Emmentaler aka mscore, or Bravura, or MuseJazz) installed on your system. Solution is to remove it - you should *not* have any of MsueScore's fonts installed on your system.


2) You are using an obsolete customized chord description file to render your chords (this is what Mike is alluding to above). If so, you will either have to update that file to be compatible with MuseScore 2, or - much simpler - just go with one of the standard files. Go to Style / General / Chord Symbols and be sure *not* to use the custom option - select either Standard or Jazz.